EMDevCo has sustainability and the netzero climate challenge baked into all its developments.

This includes ensuring that we protect and enhance our natural environment for our communities for example creating green and blue corridors.

But it wants to go much further than that.

Zero Programme

Net ZERO empowering the East Midlands to Move, Make, Live and Work.

Our Vision: To co-create a Net ZERO Carbon Ecosystem – demonstration, translation and adoption of disruptive technologies at scale.

What is ZERO?
  • ZERO will comprise a set of inter-dependent physical demonstrators across the key EMDC sites – the Ratcliffe Power Station, the High Speed 2 (HS2) Hub at Toton and Chetwynd, and the East Midlands Airport Area (EMAA) including the Freeport designation.
  • ZERO will bring the East Midlands world class industrial anchors, agile SME innovators, thought leaders and world class researchers together as a community to demonstrate, translate and adopt disruptive net zero carbon innovations.
  • ZERO will be powered by carbon literate, skilled innovators at all levels, across all sectors. These skills will be reproduced through an evolving partnership of innovative companies and regional training providers.
  • ZERO will make the East Midlands an exporting powerhouse for net zero alternatives and accelerate the global adoption of challenge led change.

EMDevCo has sustainability and net zero ambitions for inclusive economic growth at the heart of all its developments.

We must protect and enhance our natural environment, creating integrated green and blue linked communities.

Our net zero ambitions for future infrastructure developments will ensure local growth, full and productive employment for all and inclusive communities are created.